An example day and tips

Morning: ½ l water, 1 porridge or shake meal, 2 Vida Omega-3 capsules, one teaspoon of fish oil or one tablespoon of rapeseed oil
Forenoon: ½–1 l water, 1 bar
Lunch: 1 soup or casserole meal
Dinner: 1 l water, 1 shake or soup/casserole meal
Evening meal: 1 soup or casserole meal


1) Consume 5 servings per day. Mix the sweet powders and prepare the savoury powders according to the instructions.
2) You can replace as many meals with bars as you like.
3) Drink 2–3 litres of water, mineral waters or alternatively other energy-free drinks each day. You can add milk to your coffee or tea if you like.
4) We recommend using Vida Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil or rapeseed oil.
5) Monitor your salt intake. If necessary, you can add salt to your soups or have some pickles when you feel tired or weak.
6) You can engage in low heart rate exercise and light weight training.
7) Once the weight goal has been achieved, a Mediterranean or Baltic Sea diet with their rapeseed and olive oils is an excellent continuation for Express Diet and the health benefits achieved during it.

The course and length of the programme

The length of the VLCD programme has not been specified as such. It has been suggested that the maximum length of a VLCD programme should be 13–16 weeks. Your weight and the need for weight loss determine the length of the programme more specifically. After three weeks, you should discuss continuation with your doctor. They will evaluate your condition.

If you do not work during the weekend, Thursday would be the most ideal day for starting the VLCD programme. 

It would be best if during the first three days of the programme you did not have any work tasks that require particular precision.

Friday will be spent using the sugar reserves or glycogens of the liver and muscles. The possibly more challenging days would be during days off. The fifth day would be a workday, Monday, and at that point you should already be feeling fair or good. Usually, your condition will have improved on the fourth day as the state of ketosis has begun. People’s conditions during the start of the VLCD programme are very different. Some do not necessarily feel anything but hunger and a growling stomach. In all cases, outdoor activities are the best ‘treatment’ on the first few days. 

Days five to seven are most likely to be normal days in accordance with the VLCD programme. The difference compared to the first days will be relatively significant. Experience has shown that one in fifteen people experiences a mild or stronger state of euphoria. This is definitely a great state. You feel like you have energy for anything, while your feeling of hunger may disappear almost entirely.
You may also experience changes in your psyche. Senses may become heightened, and almost everyone will start to sense scents more strongly, especially scents of food. These phenomena are thought to be caused by the hormonal changes of the state of ketosis. The secretion of adrenaline and cortisol is increased, and they evoke the state related to ‘hunting and gathering.’ Adrenaline and cortisol increase blood sugar level and the release of fats.


The second week on VLCD usually already goes well or extremely well. Hunger has stepped back, and while cravings may cross your mind, they do not usually pose any challenges.
As the state of ketosis becomes deeper, your breath starts to smell of acetone (like nail polish remover). If this is bothering, you should take care of your oral hygiene, especially when you work in a customer service job and face to face with people. 

You can start to increase the amount of exercise, as well as its intensity. You may not achieve your strongest peaks of power, but this too varies between people. Exercise may go surprisingly well, so you should test your limits.
It is often suggested that you recover from sports performances and heavy exercise more quickly during the VLCD programme than normally. This should be monitored, and the amount of exercise should be adjusted according to your ability to recover. 

From the third week onwards, the body will start to be adjusted to the VLCD programme.


You can engage in low heart rate exercise and light weight training. You may not achieve your strongest peaks of power, but this too varies between people. Exercise may go surprisingly well, so you should test your limits.

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