Express Diet, what is it about?

The new Finnish EXPRESS DIET VLCD is a very low-calorie diet used in the current Finnish care guidelines as a treatment for obesity.

The new Finnish EXPRESS DIET VLCD is a very low-calorie diet used in the current Finnish care guidelines as a treatment for obesity.

Formulated and manufactured in Finland for losing weight and achieving a more healthy lifestyle, the Express Diet programme (VLCD) utilises the metabolism related to maximal fasting. Heavily restricting your calorie intake (to under 800 kcal/day) will result in a state of ketosis within approximately four days, meaning that your body’s energy supply will come almost entirely from fat accumulated in the body instead of muscles.

Fast and efficient


Express Diet products are intended for healthy overweight people (BMI > 25).

Children, young people, older people, people who are pregnant, breastfeeding or convalescent and diabetics or people with other metabolic disorders may not use Express Diet products as their only source of nutrition.


The VLCD programme has been used for a long time in the treatment of obesity. It is still used by healthcare professionals in central hospitals, for example, as a part of the treatment of obesity.

VLCD programmes are a part of the Finnish current care guidelines as a treatment for obesity.

The effects of efficient weight loss on the reduction of health risks are presented on the following website (in Finnish). (This is the Current Care Guidelines website created by Finnish healthcare professionals, presenting VLCD products as a part of the treatment of obesity and describing the results of losing weight.)


When your energy intake is less than 800 kilocalories and/or your daily intake of carbohydrates falls below 60 g, your body’s metabolism changes significantly. Energy is gained by consuming the body’s fat reserves

The programme



Starting the Express Diet programme is easy if you gradually start to eat less or alternatively reduce your carbohydrate intake about a week in advance. Consuming 1–2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day for 4–5 days before starting the programme will make it easier to adjust to the Express Diet programme.



The Express Diet programme is composed of five (5) meal replacement servings per day. In addition, you can have energy-free drinks and possibly some extra salt. This step starts the change that helps you restore your weight to earlier figures and improve your health indicators.



We offer three different options for ending the programme, with the aim of creating a change in your eating habits and thus facilitating your weight control.



VLCD programmes have been studied, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has produced a report on them. According to EFSA’s report, the VLCD programme is usually safe for healthy, overweight adults and is an efficient weight loss method.


The eight (8) week Express Diet VLCD programme was started with 12 volunteers. The volunteers had exact measurements taken regarding body composition and blood count.


People who lost weight using the Express Diet programme tell about what changed in their health and wellbeing, and how the lifestyle change succeeded.

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