Eight-week results of the Express Diet test group

The eight (8) week Express Diet VLCD programme by Leader Foods Oy was started with 12 volunteers around mid-October. The volunteers had exact measurements taken regarding body composition and blood count. The measurements were preceded by a minimum of 12 hours of fasting, and they included a total of 19 different measurements. On this page, we will present the results of the indicators used that were most relevant to health. Two of the test subjects started later, and their results are not included in the figures.

Each subject consumed five Express Diet products per day. They composed their diets from savoury soup and porridge products and bars. They drank 2–3 litres of energy-free drinks per day, mostly water, and increased their salt intake as needed if they felt dizzy. Their energy intake was always under 800 kcal per day. The changes in eight weeks are encouraging, even inspiring. 

The first pair of columns in table 1 shows the loss of body fat in kilograms (the drop is almost 20%). In other words, one subject lost 7 kg of pure fat on average, which is equivalent to 17 packets of butter.* The subject that lost the most lost 11 kg of fat.

In this stage, the average weight loss was 12% and reduction in waist size was 9 cm. Blood pressure was reduced near the goal values, diastolic pressure was reduced by 7%.

* One packet of butter contains 80 grams of fat in 100 grams of butter.

Table 2 shows the changes in fasting blood sugar levels which dropped near the goal values in the end measurement (11.5%).

The overall cholesterol levels of the subjects decreased 16% on average. The decrease was within the reference range. The change was mostly due to a drastic decrease in LDL cholesterol (decrease of 31.5%).

The subjects’ high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) decreased 58%. This is seen as an indicator of low-level inflammation.

We gathered the group’s experiences on various questions. The answers suggest that the group accustomed well to the Express Diet VLCD programme and the products themselves. The ample mass of food provided by the Express Diet products offers a feeling of fullness in a different way than traditional VLCD products.

Experiences on the Express Diet (VLCD) programme

Based on this experience, I could recommend the diet


I am satisfied with my weight loss


The diet is easy to follow


My hunger gradually vanished


I have been feeling slightly euphoric


After the first days, I have been more alert than usual


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