Health benefits of the VLCD programme

Blood sugar

The blood sugar level starts to decrease already during the first few days and will keep on falling.


Insulin sensitivity may be restored during longer programmes, improving cellular sugar intake.

Blood fat levels

Blood fat levels, such as the levels of overall cholesterol and triglyceride and the so-called harmful LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, are improved during the programme.

Low-level inflammation

Fat cells produce compounds in the blood stream that start an inflammatory reaction. These reactions are minor, but if they continue for long, they are harmful for the body. As the share of fat is reduced during the programme, these low-level inflammations may ease.

Elevated blood pressure

As people become overweight, blood pressure may become elevated, even significantly. As the weight goes down on the VLCD programme, blood pressure may start to decrease, but not for everyone. Elevated blood pressure is a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases.

Abdominal obesity

Fat accumulated around the waist is the most harmful for the body. The abdominal area has important metabolic organs, the function of which is disturbed by heavy accumulation of fat. Abdominal obesity is a risk factor of type 2 diabetes. The VLCD programme helps reduce abdominal obesity.

Exercise during the VLCD programme

You can engage in low heart rate exercise and light weight training. You may not achieve your strongest peaks of power, but this too varies between people. Exercise may go surprisingly well, so you should test your limits.

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