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Rich and filling meals

When developing the Express Diet very low-calorie diet (VLCD) product line, we invested in offering tasty and filling meals with an exciting range of flavours.

With five Express Diet VLCD meal replacement products you can get as much as
1.8 kg of food each day, while your calorie intake stays within 605–800 kcal.

Health benefits of the EXPRESS DIET VLCD programme

LDL cholesterol


LDL cholesterol is considered harmful cholesterol. The test group saw a particularly significant drop in its levels, as much as 31.5%.

Blood sugar


Elevated blood sugar level is considered one of the risk factors of diabetes. The blood sugar level of the test group dropped near the recommended level on average.



Fat around the waist hinders the function of important internal organs and is a risk factor of metabolic syndrome. The change on the group was significant after the end of the programme.

Values improved on 19 different indicators

Twelve people took part in the programme for eight (8) weeks. All ate less than 800 kilocalories of meal replacement products per day.

Commitment to the Express Diet products was excellent, and the products were well liked. Laboratory tests and body composition measurements were conducted on the group three times. All 19 values that were measured improved during the programme.

The graph (on the right) shows some of the changes. The changes are in line with similar studies. 

Welcome to the effective first step of your lifestyle overhaul

Start with the most important point: the cause of the problem – elevated weight.

Your path may be the VLCD programme, which is used e.g. in the obesity clinics of Finnish central hospitals together with group therapy. VLCD, or very low-calorie diet.

VLCD is the most effective way to lose weight. It maintains the achieved weight the longest compared to different weight loss programmes. The VLCD programme and its use in weight loss have been studied in an evaluation of the European Food Safety Authority. The VLCD programme was found to be a safe way to lose weight.

The evaluation examined studies that were participated by over 50,000 people over the years. The report gives instructions on the suitability of the diet for different groups of people and lists any possible problems it may cause. These points also guide the instructions that we have provided.

We warmly recommend EXPRESS DIET products for carrying out the VLCD programme. The products bring change to the VLCD programme and are significantly different from any meal replacement products that have previously been available.

Furthermore, we have experience of monitoring over 500 people in VLCD programmes ranging from six months to one year, and the changes observed in them. On these pages, we will show everything we have experienced.

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