Interview with Kirsi & Mika

Experimenting health first

The couple made a quick decision to join the Express Diet group. ‘The idea of feeling much better’ motivated Kirsi to join the eight-week Express Diet programme. ‘I just went along with Kirsi. It’s easier together than alone,’ Mika admits.

Now, as eight weeks have passed, Kirsi has gained a thirst for feeling even better. Kirsi has type 2 diabetes, and the high blood sugar levels of the initial measurements did not surprise her. After starting the programme, her blood sugar levels have decreased significantly and have now been on a good level. Kirsi is going to go over the situation with her doctor.

Eating habit makeover

Nowadays, Mika no longer wants to have heavy lunches and is much more energetic. His cholesterol levels have also gone down. ‘I never used to eat anything in the mornings. Now I always eat the porridge in the morning, no matter the rush I’m in.’ Before starting the programme, Mika used to eat heavy meals especially during workdays. ‘At work, it was difficult at first when others had sausages and chips and I only had a meal bar,’ Mika admits.

Kirsi had different kinds of challenges with eating: she admits that she ate whatever she had time for, and the amounts could be really off due to long intervals. She always has time for an Express Diet meal, no matter how busy her workday is. ‘I can prepare and eat the meal in minutes,’ Kirsi says.

Quality of sleep improved at the same time

Mika and Kirsi have been sleeping very well and waking up well-rested during the Express Diet programme. Going to sleep is easier when you do not have a heavy meal in the evening. Mika thinks his quality of sleep has improved. ‘Within two weeks, Mika’s snoring had stopped,’ Kirsi says enthusiastically.

Motivation increased as weight decreased

The couple has lost a lot of weight after starting the programme. ‘Losing weight gives a lot of energy, even though that’s not the main point,’ Kirsi says. Kirsi also tells about the swimsuit goals they had in mind from the beginning. In the same breath, she says that these goals have actually been reached already. Both have lost over 7 kilograms of weight and 9 cm around the waist.

Use for the products in the future as well 

Both admit that they will be using the products even after the programme. The couple also seems to have a good plan for the future. They have recognised the stumbling blocks of their eating habits and are not planning to return to how things were. They are planning to eat normally but reduce the use of breads, potatoes and pastas or leave them out completely. ‘I have no longer craved bread,’ even though Kirsi admits that it used to be her weakness. The Express Diet programme has been very easy for the couple, and they have had time for everything else. ‘Maybe even too easy,’ the couple laughs. They have not had many cravings, and sticking with the programme has been easier together.

The interview was conducted 9 December 2018..

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