Mango and pineapple shake

The Express Diet mango and pineapple shake made in Finland is a very low-calorie meal replacement for weight control (VLCD). The refreshing mango and pineapple shake contains a diverse variety of fruit and powdered lemon juice. You can choose to enjoy the shake as a part of the Express Diet programme (VLCD) or replace an individual meal any time.

The Express Diet very low-calorie meal replacement products (VLCD) are intended for efficient weight loss for adults in normal health. VLCD replacement products are also included in the treatment of obesity in current care guidelines. Express Diet meal replacement products help you lose weight easily and quickly.

Mix powder with 3 dl of cold water. Mix or whisk thoroughly. Allow to settle for a while and enjoy. One bag yields a meal of 346 g.

Consume either one Express Diet bar and four Express Diet soup meals or five Express Diet soup meals to replace all meals throughout the day. These meals provide you with all the essential nutrients you need. Make sure to drink enough water during the day.