Obesity hinders life

Obesity hinders life in many ways. Excess weight puts strain on the musculoskeletal system, wearing joints, deteriorating the fitness required for physical activity, making it more difficult to manage everyday chores, leading to deterioration of health, increasing the risk of metabolic disorders, causing aesthetic strain and, at worst, restricting social life. Even though it should not, it may affect many life situations. Luckily, you can do something about it and restore your functionality.

According to FinHealth 2017, approx. 72% of men and approx. 63% of women in Finland were overweight with a BMI over 25.

Approx. 26% of men and approx. 28% of women in Finland were classified obese with a BMI over 30.

Approx. 5% of men and approx. 7% of women suffered from severe obesity with a BMI over 35. Approx. 1% of men and approx. 3% of women suffered from morbid obesity with a BMI over 40.

Obesity puts strain on the musculoskeletal system. Obesity is a risk factor of several non-communicable diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and impaired quality of sleep.

This trend needs to change. To stop the trend, words are not enough; we need actions.

To change the direction, we need to employ all proven measures.

knee  pain in old women

Turn back time

Weight gain is a process lasting several years. Healthy people rarely gain weight quickly. The weight is usually gained over time, in years and decades. Conversely, one might say that if the weight were to be lost at the same pace as it was gained, maybe the related health problems could be reduced at the same pace as they emerged. Unfortunately, the answer is that they cannot. Or can they? A worn knee cannot be recovered; a joint replacement will help but will not restore the original knee. However, several risk factors can be significantly reduced. As doctors take blood samples and look at their results, we hear about the risks caused by increased obesity, to which the doctor usually reacts by saying that you need to change your lifestyle now, or else… The rest is familiar to so very many of us. So the risks do not increase, but can they be decreased? Yes, they can, if weight is reduced significantly.

Can you turn back time? No, you cannot, but you can restore your weight and body composition to normal levels.

As you lose weight and body fat, the changes caused by weight gain which hinder your health and wellbeing will be restored, i.e. your metabolic age can be made younger; in other words, you can turn back time.

Bring back your health and wellbeing

Obesity can be overcome and health and wellbeing can be restored, but as all adults know, this requires clear actions and perseverance. Motivational factors for starting to lose weight are easy to find, especially among external factors. But the internal factors are the most important. Good health provides a foundation for your life, and therefore the factors that endanger your health and getting rid of them are the most important factors creating internal motivation. 

To support with the decision, you should seek support from your peers. Group activities are recommended alongside VLCD programmes. The group provides strength and peer support. The chances of success are greater. Of course, strong internal motivation can also carry you through the lifestyle change. 
Once the decision to lose weight has been made, a VLCD programme, like the Express Diet, is an easy way to lose weight. 

The fact that the risks to your health are reduced or eliminated as you lose weight is part of the overall benefit than can be achieved. A big part of the change is increased self-control and the idea that I did it and why wouldn’t I overcome any other challenges that I set for myself. 
One of these is the introduction of physical activity as a part of an active lifestyle. It is clear that all physical activity will become easier as weight is lost. One example is oxygen uptake, which is needed especially in so-called aerobic exercise, such as brisk Nordic walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing. These sports require good oxygen uptake. It develops inversely proportional to the weight loss. The lower your weight drops, the better your oxygen uptake becomes. This happens even if you do not exercise at all. It comes with the bargain. But it means that exercise is considerably easier to start once your oxygen uptake is improved. 
Regular exercise plays a very important role in maintaining your health and increasing your wellbeing. The health benefits of exercise must not be underestimated in any way.